Selection Criteria

When requests for grant assistance to attend an event exceed our funds availability for that particular event, grants will be made based on those best meeting the following selection criteria from among those submitted.

The evaluation of applications for assistance from the Denise Abboud Fund will focus on the central purpose of the Fund, which is to further the education and ongoing professional development of those who work in or serve Georgia communities in an official planning role and that would otherwise not be able to obtain such opportunities.

The group of applications received for grant assistance to attend a particular GPA conference or CPI session will be evaluated and grants will be awarded on the basis of 1) comparable statistical rankings for the county or , for a city, the county in which the applicant’s community is located, and 2) the applicant’s commitment to planning and the benefit of the assistance to the applicant and their community.

Statistics relevant to the evaluation include:

  • The proportion of the workforce employed in “farming, fishing or forestry.”
  • Farm earnings as a percent of total earnings.
  • Median household personal income.
  • Per capita personal income.
  • Such other credible, statistical data that would compare the relative “need and benefit” of each community to the other applications in the group.

The evaluation of commitment and the potential benefits to the applicant and their community will be based solely on the information provided on the application form.