Contractor: Active Transportation and Recreation Resource Center

Georgia Bikes
Statewide, Georgia

Georgia Bikes seeks statements of qualifications from individual contractors to assist with pilot-year implementation of our Active Transportation and Recreation Resource Center (ATRRC). The ATRRC is a new program that aims to improve the quality and increase the quantity of applications for federal and state bike/walk/roll funding within Georgia with a special – but not exclusive – focus on underserved communities.

The contractor will work with the Executive Director to establish year-one operations, programming, and technical assistance under the ATRRC.


  • Catalog and develop detailed list of available state and federal bike/walk infrastructure funding sources
  • Host at least two different educational workshops (in person and possibly online, as assigned) to educate communities on federal and state grant funding availability, application processes, and best practices
    • Develop detailed materials (approved slideshow format, speaking notes, etc.) by 7/31/24 for three workshops: Bike/Ped Funding 101; How to Fund Trails; How to Fund On-Road Bike/Walk Projects
    • Deliver two online classes by 8/29/24 (Bike/Ped Funding 101; How to Fund On-Road Bike/Walk Projects)
    • Present in person at Georgia Bikes annual summit (Fall 2024) and potentially elsewhere
  • Develop various professional-quality educational materials about funding opportunities (print and digital)


  • Set aside 100 hours of technical assistance time to be assigned by the Executive Director for work including local projects, support of in-house Georgia Bikes activities, and other duties
  • Develop best-practices guide/toolkit to support development of similar programs to the ATRRC in other states

Job Requirements

  • Exceptionally high level of responsibility, motivation, and self-reliance; ability to set goals and prioritize tasks
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; outstanding public speaking and facilitation abilities
  • Ability to create professional-quality graphics and other visual materials that are both informative and attractive

Salary & Benefits
While proposals valued up to $30,000 for all related work, travel, and any other expenses will be considered, cost will be a factor in evaluating competitive submissions. This work is grant-funded through 12/31/2024.

How to Apply
Email a brief cover letter with high-level summary of work parameters (total cost and hourly wage rate, interest in and ideas for the project, statement of availability and competing professional responsibilities, etc.), résumé, and samples of writing and any additional related work (including graphics and a list of educational presentations delivered) with subject ATRRC Contractor. Entire submission should not exceed eight pages.

Open until filled; review of submissions begins 5/13/2024.