Director Planning, Development and Codes

City of Brunswick
Brunswick, Georgia

This is a professional technical and management position under general direction of the City Manager. Directs planning, development, and code enforcement activities and programs for the City. Ensures that the City’s growth is orderly and in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan, accepted planning principles and policies and that such activities and programs are implemented in a professional and cost effective manner. Participates as a member of the organization’s top management team supporting the overall goals and objectives of City government. Performs other related duties as assigned, in support of customer needs and organizational objectives. Work is assigned by general work program, requests for assistance, and by special project. Work is performed with considerable independence and requires considerable initiative. Work will be evaluated by observation, conferences, reports, and results obtained.

Essential Job Duties

  1. Develops, maintains, and implements the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Reviews all development plans and applications for consistency with the Plan as well as any associated ordinances, and state and federal regulations. Monitors growth activity in order to anticipate and respond to related issues. Advises the City Manager and the Board of Commissioners on issues or recommended actions.
  2. Assesses the structure and dynamics of the local economy. Researches and identifies local economic trends, workforce readiness, and related barriers to economic development. Collects and analyzes socio-economic data, estimates likely impact on economic development efforts, and makes recommendations for plans and programs.
  3. Works with the Brunswick Area Transportation System (BATS) to ensure coordination of GDOT projects and to maintain a comprehensive transportation planning program for the City.
  4. Administers local zoning ordinances, housing codes, and other city codes to ensure that land uses are compatible with each other and that ordinances are used as a tool for implementation of the Comprehensive Plan
  5. Administers various environmental regulatory programs such as the Tree Ordinance and Historic Preservation Ordinance.
  6. Administers property maintenance and housing codes, zoning codes, requests for variances, conditional use applications, sign ordinances and nuisance ordinances. Reviews applications for compliance with plans, codes, and ordinances. Monitors the progress of requests and applications through the approval or resolution process.
  7. Administers Dock, Harbor, and Waterfront Ordinances.
  8. Maintains awareness of and responds to various environmental issues. Evaluates environmental information and recommends mitigation measures to reduce adverse impact of development.
  9. Presents information at public hearings as necessary.
  10. Collaborates with other City departments, external agencies, community groups, and business partners to facilitate an integrated approach to community and economic growth.
  11. Works with property owners, developers, and potential investors to establish needs and develop plans.
  12. Identifies development plans compatible with the Brunswick Blueprint concept. Assists in facilitating partnerships and business opportunities to support implementation of such plans.
  13. Works as part of a task force to identify and streamline standardized processes to assist new development and existing businesses.
  14. Gathers, compiles, and interprets related data and prepares periodic reports including recommendations or various land use proposals or modifications to ordinances or policies. Prepares planning and development studies or proposals as needed.
  15. Identifies funding opportunities and grant opportunities in coordination with appropriate City staff. Writes and assists in writing grant applications.
  16. Assists other staff in the enforcement of building codes and other local ordinances; and in interpreting State/City codes, policies and master plans. Provides technical and professional advice.
  17. Assists in designs for parks, streetscapes, landscapes and other municipal projects.
  18. Updates a variety of maps. Prepares graphics and maps for a variety of reports, plans, grant applications, publications or meetings.
  19. Serves as the City’s lead coordinator for the U.S. Census every 10 years and assists in the interim years in estimating changes in population demographics.
  20. Responds to questions about regulations and ordinances related to community and economic growth.
  21. Prepares and administers departmental budget and operates within budgetary constraints.
  22. Provides for training and development of staff. Coaches, guides, and evaluates performance of staff on a periodic or as needed basis.

Performs other related duties in support of customer needs and organizational goals.

  1. Thorough knowledge of the comprehensive planning process, transportation planning, zoning and housing laws and codes, sign ordinances, nuisance ordinances, land use ordinances and other related ordinances and regulations including their formation, process of adoption, and enforcement.
  2. Extensive knowledge of planning and development programs and processes. Knowledge of economic and legal issues involved in zoning codes, building codes, environmental regulations, any related codes or ordinances.
  3. Knowledge of Personal Computers and GIS applications to record and analyze information and to prepare reports and recommendations for City staff and Commissioners.
  4. Basic knowledge of local government code enforcement principles and practices.
  5. Ability to plan, direct, and integrate broad, comprehensive planning and development programs and services.
  6. Ability to analyze complex planning, code compliance, and community needs, issues and problems, evaluate alternative solutions and develop sound conclusions, recommendations and courses of action.
  7. Ability to develop clear, concise and comprehensive technical reports, correspondence and other written materials and to present reports, proposals and recommendations clearly and logically in public meetings.
  8. Ability to understand, interpret, explain and apply local, state, and federal laws and regulations governing land use development and community growth.
  9. Ability to evaluate management practices and adopt effective courses of action.
  10. Ability to use computerized geographic information systems to map land areas, to overlay maps with geographic variables such as population density, and to combine or manipulate geographic information to produce alternative plans for land use or development.
  11. Ability to provide guidance, assistance, and/or interpretation to others regarding the application of procedures and standards to specific situations. Ability to communicate verbally and in writing in a clear, concise, and diplomatic manner with staff and individual citizens.
  12. Ability to exercise judgment, decisiveness and creativity in situations involving evaluation of information.
  13. Ability to work independently in the absence of supervision, and to follow through to task completion. Ability to manage time, and to plan, organize, and prioritize work such that work is completed according to plans and schedules. Ability to manage multiple tasks, and to be flexible in changing priorities.
  14. Ability to anticipate problems and proactively resolve them. Ability to problem solving skills, considering all reasonable alternatives, and make recommendations for problem resolution.
  15. Ability and willingness to perform other related duties as assigned, in support of customer needs and organizational objectives.

Job Requirements
Minimum Requirements (Education, Training, Certification/Licenses)
Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a degree in land-use planning, urban planning, public administration or a closely related field, and Five (5) years experience in municipal or local government planning. Master’s Degree in Planning, AICP designation, and supervisory experience preferred. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing with architects, contractors, developers, property owners, supervisors, colleagues, and the general public. Ability to establish effective working relationships. Valid driver’s license and safe driving record. Pre-employment drug screening, physical examination, MVR, and Criminal History background check.

How to Apply

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