Planner I

City of Chamblee
Chambleee, Georgia

The Planner I reports to the Deputy Director and supports the Permitting, Planning and Zoning functions of the Planning & Development Department. Job duties include providing customer service for Department related matters, processing and documenting various permit applications, conducting basic plan reviews and preparing non-complex zoning cases. Position also conducts research and analysis for long-range planning.

Job Requirements

  • Job Function Providing customer service for Department related customer service matters, both in-person and over the phone;
  • Serving as back-up for certain permits including: Land Disturbance Permits, Plats, Zoning Related Applications; Sign Permits; Fence Permits and Residential Addition/Renovation Building permits;
  • Processing other permit applications;
  • Inputting assigned applications into permitting software, assigning plan reviews and uploading required documents;
  • Creating Code Compliance letters for assigned permits according to the timeframe established by the Department;
  • Managing the closeout process for assigned permits;
  • Scanning all required documents into the City’s Permit Management and Document Management systems;
  • Managing Pre-Application meetings for Planning and Zoning related applications including pre-review of all submittals, note-taking and follow-up correspondence with applicants;
  • Accepting and reviewing Fence Permit Applications;
  • Managing and updating all Planning and Zoning related applications and forms, as needed;
  • Communicating with other City Departments and outside agencies regarding applications;
  • Creating Zoning Verification Letters;
  • Maintaining Department Webpage;
  • Completing Plan Reviews for Signs, Minor Residential and Pool Permits;
    Writing Staff Memos;
  • Completing Business License reviews for compliance with Zoning Regulations;
  • Conducting research on planning and zoning related matters;
  • Presenting cases to the City’s Architectural Review Board;
  • Assisting with long range planning projects;
  • Conducting research, analysis and policy documents;
  • Attending other meetings, as needed;
  • Other job duties, as determined by the Director and Deputy Director

Salary & Benefits

  • 401(a) Defined Contribution Plan (10% of employee gross earnings City paid)
  • 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan (employee funded retirement savings)
  • Medical (95% City paid, additional Wellness discount offered)
  • Dental (100% City paid)
  • Vision
  • Short-Term Disability (100% City paid)
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Basic Life Insurance (100% City paid)
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement policy
  • PTO (160 hours years 1-5, 480 hour cap)
  • Bereavement Leave (40 hours annually)
  • Parental Leave (160 hours in a rolling calendar year based on birth or adoption of child)
  • 11 paid holidays

How to Apply

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