Transportation Planning Intern

Henry County
McDonough, Georgia

The intern will complete either one, two, or all three of the following projects as time permits in summer 2021:

  1. Create a Microsoft Access database of all the transportation projects that are recommended in the Henry County Comprehensive Transportation Plan. Create a one-page profile including map of each road project.
  2. Create a 34” x 44” (size ANSI E) wall map in ArcGIS showing all the short-term, mid-term, and long-term projects recommended in the Henry County Comprehensive Transportation Plan. Convert the map to PDF to be printed for display and posted on the county website.
  3. Create an interactive website road map of Henry County. Show on this map all the transportation projects recommended in the Henry County Comprehensive Transportation Plan. Users are able to click on individual projects on this map which will open one-page profiles of the projects created in #1.

While Henry County has a transportation plan, it is a rather thick document and is not necessarily very reader-friendly. Many citizens do not even know what is in their county’s transportation plan and what each transportation project in the plan is all about. With a one-page information sheet on every planned transportation project, a wall map summarizing an entire plan document, and a website map of transportation projects, the citizens of Henry County will more easily understand and be better able to access the information contained in Henry County’s transportation plan and, thus, make the transportation plan a more useful tool for implementation.

This is a part-time summer internship position. The following are eligible to apply:

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates
  • High School Students 16 years of age or older who are dually enrolled in a college or university

This internship is for a maximum of 200 hours between May 1 and September 1, 2021. The intern must work 15 hours minimum per week.

Job Requirements
Expertise in Microsoft Access and ArcGIS is required. Experience in website creation is desirable. Henry County can provide a computer with Microsoft Office installed. The intern, however, will need own access to a computer with ArcGIS installed as the County has no additional ArcGIS license.

Salary & Benefits
$15 per hour. No benefits.

How to Apply

Apply Online