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2009 Ballot & Election Notice

posted on November 25th, 2009  |  Read more

Due to several unforeseen circumstances, ballots for the 2009 GPA Board of Directors election were not received by members until late last week and in some cases this week.

GPA Young Planners Group (YPG)

posted on October 28th, 2009  |  Read more

If you haven’t heard, the Georgia Planning Young Planners Group (YPG) is off to a roaring start. In recognition of the fact that young professionals throughout Georgia are faced with a common and unique set of challenges when just beginning their careers, the Georgia Planning Association (GPA) decided to focus on YPG needs and well….here we are.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

posted on September 19th, 2009  |  Read more

During the past several weeks ARC has conducted several meetings to raise awareness among local governments of the funding opportunities of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) – economic stimulus.

Committee Volunteers Needed!

posted on July 24th, 2009  |  Read more

The Georgia Planning Association recently created a Planning Official Development Committee. The purpose of the committee is to provide input about and plan for training for planning commissioners and other appointed planning officials across the state.