N-CATT Request for Applications: Strategic Technology Technical Assistance Teams

In 2022-2023, the National Center for Applied Transit Technology, a technical assistance center funded through a cooperative agreement between the Community Transportation Association of America and the Federal Transit Administration, will provide in-depth technical assistance to up to three rural, small-urban, and/or tribal transit agencies that will give their leadership and partners the opportunity to collaborate in a focused setting on identified goals for the system, potential technological solutions, and planning for implementing those solutions. This collaboration will result in an actionable deliverable that agencies can directly apply to their work.

The purpose of this technical assistance program is to provide capacity to transit agencies which have identified specific challenges or goals that they believe can be addressed through technology, but lack internal resources to address those challenges or goals. The technical assistance will focus on working with a local or regional team to navigate technology decision-making to achieve a
specified goal or a related set of goals.

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