RFP Sugar Hill Trails Concept LCI Plan


  • Release and distribution of RFP: January 10, 2020
  • Deadline for Questions: January 24, 2020
  • Deadline for Submitting Proposals: January 31, 2020
  • Notification of Selection: February 14, 2020

Kaipo Awana, 678.541.6127

General Instructions

  1. All submittals must be delivered to the City of Sugar Hill at 5039 West Broad Street, Sugar Hill, Georgia 30518 no later than the time and date indicated in the RFP. Any submittals received after that time will not be considered for award.
  2. The City of Sugar Hill reserves the right to waive any and all technicalities, formalities, or irregularities. The city may reject the submittals of any consultants that have previously failed to perform properly or complete contracts of a similar nature.
  3. All consultants shall provide appropriate proof of a current and valid occupational license issued by an agency from within the State of Georgia or another state.

Submittals must include the following:

  1. Title page – list the RFP subject, the name of the firm, address, telephone number, name of contact person, and the date.
  2. Cover letter summarizing interest in the project. Include a positive commitment to perform the required work within the time period.
  3. Qualifications:
    1. Name, address, and telephone number of the firm’s owners.
    2. Location of the firm’s primary place of business for legal purposes and any subsidiary offices, years of business, and types of services offered.
    3. Curriculum vitae of principal associates and key personnel expected to have primary responsibility for the project. Identification of any sub-consultants.
    4. Description of similar project experience and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of owners for all projects described.
    5. Current and projected workload, including a list of all projects contracted or anticipated.
    6. Indicate your understanding of the scope of work by describing your firm’s approach, including specific illustrations of the procedures to be followed. Include any procedures or proposed steps deemed necessary, even if not explicitly required or outlined in the RFP.
    7. Tell us about your firm’s experience, background, staff capabilities, where your work will actually take place, and why the city should hire your firm.
  4. Fee proposal. Projected cost approach and fee itemized by each work task, as outlined in Appendix A, which identifies:
    1. Standard hourly billing rate for each staff member anticipated to work on the project.
    2. Estimated reimbursable expenses
  5. Proposed schedule of tasks, including key milestones for the project.
  6. Other relevant information.

Additional Information
Questions: All questions or requests for additional information must be submitted by email or in person before 12 noon on January 24, 2020 to Kaipo Awana.

All questions and answers will be posted as addendums to the RFP on the city website