AICP Certification Diversity Scholarship Application

To be filled out by scholarship applicant. Once submitted, it will automatically be sent to the Georgia Chapter PDO and its scholarship review committee.
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AICP Certification Diversity scholarships help make the planning profession more diverse and accessible. Diversity is an inclusive concept which encompasses, but not is not limited to race, ethnicity, class, gender, age, sexuality, ability, educational attainment, spiritual beliefs, creed, culture, tribal affiliation, nationality, financial status, immigration status, political beliefs, and veteran status.
Please check all that apply. To help us track the use of these scholarships, we are collecting information about scholarship applicants. Please check all the areas of diversity you represent.(Required)

Personal Statement

Please provide a brief personal statement (250-500 words) describing how you earning AICP Certification will impact the communities you serve.


  • Keep your personal statement brief and focused on your hopes for success in the planning field.
  • Share your passion for planning and areas of interest (i.e., climate change, resilience, and sustainability; healthy and livable communities; plan making and implementation; disruptors and megatrends).
  • Avoid detailed discussion of planning theory.
  • Briefly describe how you will champion diversity within the planning profession.
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