The GPA Policy and Advocacy Committee (PAC) is responsible for setting policy and advocacy priorities and educating the GPA membership of topics of interest to the planning profession. PAC follows legislation in the United States Congress and the Georgia General Assembly.

Join PAC’s Work

The PAC holds a weekly legislative update meeting every Friday at 10:00 a.m. while the Georgia legislature is in session.

Now that the 2021 Georgia General Assembly regular session has closed, PAC will meet the first Friday every month at 10:00 a.m. between April and December. For these monthly meetings, we are shifting to strategic planning for next year’s state session, as well as federal advocacy, and will also be monitoring trends in municipal and county policy development of interest to GPA’s membership. Special focus will be placed on topics related to the 2021 Policy Priorities adopted by the GPA Board of Directors.

All GPA members are welcome to participate. Contact Jim Summerbell for more information.

See GPA Policy Positions

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Annual PAC Activities

  • Conduct an annual survey of the membership to determine policy and advocacy priorities;
  • Develop and carry out a policy and advocacy program that represents the views of the membership, and that is approved by the Board of Directors;
  • Work with the Vice President for Programs and the Programs Committee in an effort to hold at least one policy and advocacy forum annually as may be appropriate;
  • Recommend to the Board for approval an annual statement of policy and advocacy priorities of the Chapter; such policy and advocacy priorities are educational in nature;
  • Inform the public, and elected and appointed officials, of the policy and advocacy priorities approved by the Board; and
  • Inform the membership of legislative issues, proposed legislation, and results of the legislative process in Congress and the Georgia General Assembly.