AICP CM Updates

A number of changes to the AICP CM program will be implemented in 2022. These include the addition of two new required CM credits during each two-year cycle. One will be Equity, while the other will be a rotating topic that will begin with Climate Change. Ethics and Law will continue to be required, but only 1 hour will be needed for each of these required credits instead of the current 1.5 hours.

Additionally, the separate two-year cycles among AICP members will be consolidated into one two-year cycle. Some AICP members had their two-year cycle end last year, and 2021 has been an extended CM reporting grace period that will close at the end of this year. That’s a long way of saying to be sure you log your CM credits and make sure you are up to date before the end of this year. We’re going through the biggest changes to the AICP CM requirements since they were created, so be sure you log your credits and don’t risk losing your AICP certification.

If you still need CM credits, there are a variety of opportunities available online, and APA Learn is a great place to start.

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