GPA Congratulates Successful May 2018 AICP Examinees

GPA congratulates the members who earned professional credentials by passing qualifying exams administered in May. 18 Georgia Chapter members, including two members of the AICP Candidate Pilot Program, passed the AICP Certification Exam. Kudos to all!

The listing of newly qualified members is below.

  • Chanelle Blaine
  • Danielle Bolte
  • Sarah Jane Bonn
  • Allison Bustin
  • Jessica Fisch, AICP Candidate
  • Jessica Florez
  • David Hardegree
  • Eric Landon
  • Kyle Miller
  • Kimberly Mitchell, AICP Candidate
  • Katherine Perumbeti
  • Angela Rambeau
  • Allison Roland
  • Andrew Russell
  • Grant Sparks
  • Christopher Strange
  • Kate Wilson
  • Karen Winger