Newest 2016 AICP Members

Please join in congratulating the following members of the Georgia Chapter of APA who recently passed the AICP Exam. This is a major milestone in their careers that deserves respect and recognition. They will think of it every time they add the initials ‘AICP’ after their names. Statistics also show that it will contribute to their sense of satisfaction and an increase in their earnings during their careers:

  • Brad Callender, AICP
  • Nathan Soldat, AICP
  • Patrick Bradshaw, AICP
  • Regina Pyles, AICP
  • William Butler, AICP
  • Nilesh Deshpande, AICP
  • Nathan Gallentine, AICP
  • Harun Biswas, AICP
  • Melissa Mailloux, AICP
  • Ryan Sager, AICP
  • Brianna Rindge, AICP
  • Bryan King, AICP
  • Jeremy Gray, AICP