PDO Auditing of 2010 AICP Exam

One of the responsibilities of a Chapter Professional Development Officer is to provide assistance to prospective AICP members preparing for the AICP Exam. Taking the exam itself can help you gain more recent experience when counseling prospective candidates. You must be an AICP member if you wish to take the exam as part of this program.

If you audit the exam, you may request that we not send you your score.

Since there are over 47 PDOs (and a changeover every year or so), we could not finance the total full fee cost of individual exams by this group.  It is hoped, however, that each chapter treasury could afford to pay a reduced fee of $65 for each PDO to audit the AICP exam.

If your Chapter Executive Committee approves the above suggestion, please forward your signed exam audit request to Pintu Behera at to arrive by Thursday, January 14, 2010 for the May 2010 testing window. Upon receipt, we will send you an e-mail acknowledgement and further instruction for submission of fees.