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Connection can mean different things to different people, but one thing is certain: as both people and communities, we need connection to each other to thrive. Explore how Georgia’s communities are becoming increasingly connected. All session ideas are welcome, we particularly encourage topics that look at the following:

  • TECHNOLOGY – How can communities use new technology to strengthen connectivity, both internally and externally? How will emerging technologies impact our built environment and economy, and how will that impact how we plan? What tools can help us connect better with our community members and
    engage them in planning in new, interesting ways?
  • TRANSPORTATION – Transportation continues to be a hot button topic across the state, but particularly in the Atlanta region. What is the future of our infrastructure? How does transit fit in with emerging technologies, such as connected automated vehicles? What is our progress towards a multi-modal
  • SOCIAL TIES – One common criticism of digital communications is that it has enabled us to grow apart from each other, and it reduces face-to-face interaction. What can we do as planners and designers to create strong social bonds in our communities? What is working in our public spaces, and what isn’t? What sorts of events are successful at bringing out diverse populations, and building ties between groups?
  • PARTNERSHIPS – Combining resources—whether it is time, money, or expertise—is often the difference between projects that get built, and others that stay on the books. What are some unique or unlikely partnerships that formed to get a job done? How are we working better together in a competitive funding environment?

The Call for Sessions submittals will be accepted December 3 to January 11, so please be sure to submit your sessions early! Should you have any questions please feel free to email Allison Stewart-Harris, VP of Programs.

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