Board Working Session – Website

Date: January 18, 2006

Location: Urban Collage, Inc. in Atlanta, GA

Members in AttendanceStan Harvey – Urban Collage, Inc.
Dan Reuter – ARC
Rob LeBeau – ARC

Others in Attendance
Jason Butler – Biscuit Studios, LLC

Meeting Overview
Meeting held to discuss the new GPA website.


  • Jason Butler of Biscuit Studios described his realigned website outline.
  • Jason states that he is currently maintaining the current site, and is very eager to implement the new site, using the new host Crystal Tech. Once the new website is put in place, maintenance will be much easier and cost effective.
  • Stan mentions that he asked Jason to remove the online GPA Store, for the time being, since it is expensive. The current proposal is to have an order form for GPA merchandise that once filled out is sent to Stan for manual processing.
  • Jason went over the components of the website, such as In the News, What’s New, Events, Online Articles, explaining that the online article generator will enable him to spend less time maintaining the site, saving GPA money.
  • Jason explains that he is currently copying and pasting Job Postings, maintaining a page per listing. With the new site in place, job opportunities will be posted much quicker, shaving off a couple of hours per week.
  • Stan asked if it has been determined if the fees were $25 or $35 for a GPA membership and Dan responded that it could be determined at the Jan. 20 Board meeting. The feeling of those present was that it should be $35.
  • Jason showed a mock-up of each web page. There are two mock-ups of the home page, both with a redesigned and more professional GPA logo. Stan asked if it would be possible to “punch” the logo a little more by filling the Georgia state outline with dark green. He also suggested using photographs from around the state for the homepage images, rather than consultant work.
  • Another mock-up of the home page shows a logo at the top, with the logo incorporated over the background image image. The page has a blue / gray bar on the left with hot topics and a search window. The main section of the web page is divided into four squares, where content can be displayed without scrolling down. After discussion, it was agreed that the more streamline Mock-Up #1, with a red menu bar, was more attractive, but that the hot topics bar be added to the layout in the same fashion as it appears on Mock-Up #2.
  • Jason showed another page, What’s New, which will have the latest articles, with the date, author, and a quick synopsis. You will be able to click on it and print it, or email it. All these components are within one page and the only cost incurred will be when adding new articles every month.
  • Dan asked if the maintenance proposal is based on eight hours, how will GPA know if they are exceeding those hours and sending too much information.
    • Stan will get the bill, will note the time spent, and believes that eight hours will be more than enough.
    • Jason explained that using the current system takes 40 minutes to post three jobs, while the new system should only take 15 minutes for three jobs. Jason will always receive the postings from Stan. No one will directly email Jason.
  • Jason explained that another page will display the Board Minutes. It is agreed that the Minutes should move from the proposed location under Membership to a link from the Board page.
  • Dan asked how the website would publicize joining GPA.
    • Jason explained that there will be three places on every page to access membership. There is a line in the blue / gray navigation bar, a drop down list and in the top right corner.
    • Dan asked if there is room in Membership for Professional Development, including CPI’s. Jason responds he will make sure that is added. In addition, the PODO will produce a periodic newletter for Planning Officials, which will be listed on the website as well.
  • Jason showed the Events page and explains that currently the calendar is static, and he would like to introduce a more dynamic calendar, where you can view the year, the month, the week, the day, and scroll down to click on an item to access and open a window with more information. It was agreed that there would be separate pages for Conferences, GPA Events and Other Events.
  • Under Whats New, the one subtitle will be changed from GPA News to Georgia News.
  • Jason also explained the idea of a Forum, which is included as a way to post current issues and articles and be notified whenever there is a new posting if you join the forum. An adminstrator will be needed to maintain the Forum.
  • Jason described the e-newsletter, which will be created as a template and than new content will simply be inserted each month.
  • A discussion was held about when the website would go “live.” It was agreed that a draft version for review by the Board would be created by around February 15, with an updated site active by March 1.
  • Rob has a Save the Date pdf for the Spring Conference, and will have a sponsorship form in two weeks, and would like a registration form (a two page pdf to mail) or a link to click for online registration. Jason will get information from Rob.
  • Finally, Jason proposed to update the current proposal to reflect the changes/refinements suggested and he will provide Dan Reuter with a final version for signature.

Minutes prepared by: Eva Hare, Urban Collage Inc.

Any edits or revisions to these minutes should be forwarded within seven (7) days to Urban Collage at Eva Hare or 84 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 300, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303 and (404) 586-0277.