GPA Board of Directors Meeting

The following is a list of items that were either discussed or acted upon at the May 18, 2012 meeting of the GPA Board of Directors in Macon, Georgia:

  • The minutes from the March 2, 2012 and April 26, 2012 meetings were approved.
  • The Board reviewed the proposed 2012 Annual Work Program. Revisions were suggested and subsequently made with the Board approving the revised document by e-mail vote taken May 29th through May 30th, 2012.
  • Discussion was held on the proposed changes to the local planning rules. Suggestions were provided in terms of language to include in a GPA position statement. The statement was subsequently drafted and officially adopted by e-mail vote held May 29th through May 30th, 2012.
  • The Board discussed the Annual Chapter awards. The Michigan Chapter has agreed to once again judge the entries.
  • Volunteers were requested to serve on the Nominating Committee with Past President, Jeff Watkins, for the upcoming Board elections to be held in the fall.
  • Eric Bosman presented the treasurer’s report.
  • Tim Preece updated the Board on the status of GPA’s annual sponsorships and discussed possible future changes to the program.
  • The Board was updated on the fall conference. The conference will be held in Columbus, Georgia with registration opening in June. Possible future conference locations were also discussed.
  • The Board mentioned the need to hold more district events with opportunities for obtaining CM credits.
  • The next GPA on-line magazine will be available in July. Articles will need to be submitted by the end of June.
  • The Board discussed the need to develop a local host committee to assist APA with their annual conference scheduled to be held in Atlanta in 2014.

Respectfully submitted,

Tracy S. Dunnavant, AICP