2007 – GT Student Project Reports

A combined Georgia Institute of Technology – City and Regional Planning class and a Georgia State University – College of Law class completed fifteen reports on growth management issues during the Spring 2007 Semester.

The class of forty-seven Georgia Tech graduate planning students and twenty-nine GSU College of Law students produced thoughtful analysis and recommendations on many important growth issues.

Below, I have provided five of these project reports as a resource to you and to showcase the excellent work being undertaken by these Georgia Tech and Georgia State students on behalf of the Atlanta region and Georgia.

Dan Reuter, AICP
Land Use Division Chief


01–Smartcode in Walton County (1.6MB)
02–Steinberg Act (1.5MB)
03–Regional Plan for Coastal Georgia (1MB)
04–Air Rights on the Connector (2MB)
05–TOD in Metro Atlanta (3MB)
06–Growth Management Presentation (7MB)
07–Access Management (1MB)
08–Growth Management Law Presentation (9.4MB)
09–City of Oxford Plan (1MB)
10–Air Rights on the Connector (2MB)
11–Federal & State Law Regarding Housing Discrimination (20MB)
12–Affordable Housing Solutions (.2MB)
13–TDR and Chatt Hill (3.2MB)
14–New Zoning Enabling Act for GA (.2MB)
15–Smart Code for Newton County (1MB)

*all project reports are in PDF format and require a PDF reader