2008 – GT and GSU Student Project Reports

During the Spring 2008 semester, a class of Georgia State College of Law and Georgia Tech City and Regional Planning graduate students completed Group Project Reports for the CP 6016 – Growth Management and Law class.

The Group Project Reports have targeted issues that benefit growth management and planning for local governments, regional agencies and non-profits in the Atlanta region.

The Group Projects provide basic information to assist on a specific planning concept, legal or development code issue. The groups were comprised of 5 to 6 planning and law students.

Dan Reuter, AICP
Land Use Division Chief


01–Transportation Investments and Land Use Change (1.2MB) & PPT (1MB)
02–Land Use and Septic Systems in Georiga (.5MB)
03–Piedmont Compact (2.2MB)
04–Regional TDR Program (1MB)
05–Carrying Capacity (1..5MB)
06–The Water Crisis (.5MB)
07–Exclusionary Zoning (1MB)
08–Creative Region (.5MB)
09–Infastructure Development Districts (1.2MB)
10–Urban Growth Boundaries (8.3MB)
11–Smart Growth in Region (1.5MB)

*all project reports are in PDF format and require a PDF reader