2015 GPA Election Results

Thank you to everyone who voted in this year’s elections.  This was our first year with a combined GPA and APA election, so hopefully this gave everyone a chance to streamline their voting.

Congratulations to all of the GPA Board Members elected in 2015!  Newly elected GPA Board members include:

  • Tracy Dunnavant, AICP – Secretary
  • Jim Summerbell, AICP – Treasurer
  • Daniel Studdard, AICP – VP of Chapter Services
  • Dana Johnson, AICP – VP of Programs
  • Jeff Rader, FAICP – Planning Official Director
  • Dedan Rukmana – Non-AICP Director at Large
  • Kathleen Field – Non-ACIP Director at Large
  • Richard Osborne, AICP – District 1
  • Jen Price, AICP – District 3
  • Patti Cullen – District 7
  • Whitney Shephard, PE, LEED AP – District 9

There was a tie in District 5.  We have our oversized magnifying glasses and are analyzing thousands of hanging chads, feverishly searching for the victor.  We’ll announce the winner as soon as we know.