APA Policy Expert Joining the Conference Lineup on Friday

Jason Jordan, APA Public Affairs Director, leads government affairs, policy and advocacy efforts. This includes development of APA policy guides; representation of APA with congressional offices, federal agencies, and partner organizations; and management of advocacy networks and outreach campaigns that aim to elevate the voice of planning. Friday’s session will explore what has changed with the passage of IIJA and ARPA, what’s ahead, and how planners can successfully compete for and use federal funds to drive local recovery and reinvention.

The landmark bipartisan infrastructure law and the American Rescue Plan Act has dramatically altered the federal landscape for planners and communities. Dozens of new programs with billions in funding are being established with new opportunities for investments in planning and plan implementation. At the same time, accessing and competing for these funds will place new demands on planners. Take a look at what’s ahead on the housing and infrastructure front as Washington shifts into campaign season.

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