Call for awards nomination for the 2016 Urban Planning Conference at Savannah State University

The Organizing Committee for the 2016 Urban Planning Conference seeks nominations for two awards that will be given at Savannah State University’s Fourth Annual Urban Planning Conference. This year’s theme is “Planning across Generations: Deconstructing the Past, Shaping the Future.” The conference will address innovative approaches to contemporary planning from historically, culturally, and social-informed perspectives.

Participants will examine ways to ensure that past planning mistakes can be corrected through design and collaboration that ensures equitable and sustainable communities. The Urban Planning Award for Collaboration will recognize outstanding initiatives that demonstrate inclusive collaboration that resulted in successful plans and/or projects. Examples include: diverse community engagement initiatives that included a wide cross-section of interests; task-forces, advisory groups and coalitions working together to address infrastructure, beautification, environmental issues, economic disparity, transportation and/or public awareness and education. These can be long or short-term and can highlight processes as well as implementation and outcome.

The Urban Planning Award for Design is given to projects that demonstrate innovation with re-designing plans, projects, sites and buildings to meet the current needs of a community while retaining the most valuable historic features. Examples can include activities to support: adaptive reuse, re-shaping the built environment, augmenting the natural environment or mitigating environmental challenges, designing or re-designing environments that encourage healthy social interactions, and the creation of spaces that support cultural activities.

To nominate and individual or organization for either of these awards, provide the information on the attached form and return it to the Urban Planning Conference Awards Selection Committee via email or fax by COB, February 29, 2016. Email to: Professor Anne Roise or Dr. Deden Rukmana or fax to 912.358.8050. Please note “Award Nomination” in subject line or cover page. You may nominate more than one project, but use separate forms.

Download Nomination Form