Congrats New AICP Inductees

This past May, many of our fellow Georgia planners sat for the AICP exam. Please join us in congratulating our newest AICPs and AICP Candidates! 

  • Shruti Agrawal, AICP
  • Hayley Beaver, AICP
  • David Burge, AICP Candidate
  • Cassidy Eaves, AICP
  • Meng Gao, AICP Candidate
  • Aron Hall
  • Nathanael Hoelzel, AICP
  • Emily Kosmalski
  • Jocelyn Leitch, AICP
  • Chao Meng, AICP
  • Maria Teresa Ruiz Cardenas, AICP Candidate
  • David Schlifka, AICP
  • Joshua Thompson, AICP
  • Elizabeth Yarnall, AICP