GPA Mentor Program Update

Another successful GPA Mentoring class completed the program this summer. A big thanks to the committee who helped create and facilitate the sessions: Allison Duncan, Regan Hammond, and Whitney Shephard. A round of applause goes out to our Senior Mentors as well – the program was richer because of your guidance, Corey Hull, Liz Sanford, and Elizabeth Backe.

This year’s class included 8 Mid–Career Planners and 6 Emerging Planners. The group met virtually once a month for 6 months. Each meeting included a topic tailored to the interests of the participants. This year the meeting topics were a facilitated training in the CPI 260 Leadership Assessment, a Public Speaking for Planners training, and several panel discussions, including Planners In the Trenches,Community Improvement Districts, Public Sector and Private Consulting Planning Careers, and a discussion with the Senior Mentors.

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