GT Student Planning Association Resume Blitz

The Student Planning Association at Georgia Tech would like to invite you to participate in our annual Resume Blitz at the College of Design.

The Resume Blitz has been described as a hybrid of a resume workshop and speed dating. You would review a handful of student’s resumes one-on-one for just over 5 minutes. This event has been extremely helpful for students in the past as professionals such as yourself shed light on the quality of students’ resumes. We will provide you with parking on campus, and dinner if you can give us your expertise for an evening.

There will likely be a mix of city and regional planning students looking for summer internships, as well as those looking for full-time jobs after graduation in the spring. The time commitment is about 2.5 hours, and our potential dates are 2/20, 2/22, or 2/23 between 6-830. Dinner will be provided.

Once we gauge interest and availability, we will confirm our date and your participation (by 2/10).

If you are able to attend, please respond by clicking this link by 2/8.