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Cottages on Vaughan

Communities around the country are grappling with the need for a greater variety of housing options and workforce/affordable housing. Metro Atlanta is certainly no exception. As our region continues to grow and become more diverse, the traditional single-family housing options available and allowed by zoning regulations do not meet the needs of many residents. In many communities, continuing with this type of development will simply not meet the needed demand for housing. Therefore, many cities and counties have been busy conducting housing studies to look at housing supply and demand and working to update their zoning to allow for more housing types.

The City of Clarkston in DeKalb County recently partnered with the MicroLife Institute and other community stakeholders to draft a Cottage Housing Development (CHD) Ordinance. CHDs are considered a Planned Development and are allowed within Clarkston’s existing Medium Density Neighborhood Residential, High-Density Neighborhood Residential, Neighborhood Residential-Community Development, and Residential Commercial zoning districts. Cottage Housing Development density is set at 15 units per acre, and 400 square feet per unit of common open space is required. There are size and design standards that each unit must meet. Learn more about the ordinance

The MicroLife Institute recently completed the first Cottage Housing Development, called the Cottages on Vaughn, and all units sold quickly. The City views cottage developments as a means to offer another “missing middle” housing option that provides small-scale, efficient, single-family units that do not require a large amount of land in a city where available, undeveloped land is scarce.

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