Oakwood Moves Forward on Sewer Partnership

District 2 Highlight

submitted by Lynn Tully, District 2 Director

Construction is now underway on a sewage pump station in the Winder Highway corridor that represents the first step in a key partnership between the cities of Oakwood and Braselton.

The Oakwood Pump Station on Martin Road is scheduled for completion this fall. A Covington, GA. Firm, Allsouth Constructors, was selected in a competitive bid process to build the $1.1 million station.

The pump station is part of a major sewer partnership between Oakwood and Braselton formed back in late 2006. Under the agreement, Braselton will provide wastewater treatment for up to 2.5 million gallons a day. Some businesses already have purchased options to ensure their ability to tie into the Oakwood sewage system upon its completion.

“Our decision to move forward on this project fulfills our promise to meet the long-term sewer needs in the Winder Highway corridor”, says Mayor Lamar Scroggs. “It also signals that the economic recovery, particularly in Hall County, is moving forward”.

Next Step
The city of Oakwood is now focusing on acquiring land easements for construction of a 7.5 mile, 12-inch force main pipe that will connect to the Braselton wastewater treatment plant in Jackson County. A majority of the easement acquisitions already have been completed.

The City Council expects to award a contract in March for construction of the force main project. Construction is scheduled to be completed by the time the new pump station is operational in October. Meanwhile, the Town of Braselton is working toward building its own sewer line, scheduled for completion in February 2011, to connect with the Oakwood system.