PLAN 2040 Update

Dear Colleagues,

The following is a brief update on progress with PLAN 2040. You may periodically check the section of ARC’s website devoted to PLAN 2040 which includes important information on our progress:

ARC has received notification from Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) that the draft Regional Resource Plan meets the state planning rules and therefore can be adopted by ARC. The Resource Plan was a first component of PLAN 2040 which outlined priorities and strategies to manage the environmental and cultural features of the Atlanta region. The draft Resource Plan and other official PLAN 2040 document can be found on ARC’s website at the following link:

We have held two joint worksessions with the Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) and Land Use Coordinating Committee (LUCC) since August. TCC and LUCC are committees of staff that represent local governments and stakeholders in the region. These worksessions have been invaluable in reviewing the draft Unified Growth Policy Map (UGPM) and providing information to produce the related – UGPM Development Guide. A draft of the Development Guide as well as discussion on the Minimum/Excellent Standards for local plan implementation will be provided at the third TCC/LUCC worksession scheduled for October 22nd.

Three Online Public Meetings as well as numerous other meetings have occurred during 2010. These meetings are critical to ensure ARC staff understand issues and also provide opportunities to outline priorities and possible new actions. The presentations and reports that document comments from these public meetings are available on ARC’s website at the following link:

Two reports have been completed by a consulting team for PLAN 2040 that provide a Legal Review of both regional and local governments authority to implement PLAN 2040. The consultant team reviewed existing Georgia and federal laws to document what actions can occur to implement PLAN 2040. The team also documented implementation actions that occur in other regions in the U.S. and will make recommendations of possible new strategies. The primary consultant Mark White will be presenting the work at ARC committee meetings in October. The first two reports are available at the following link:

We will be undertaking another series of meetings in October and November to discuss the PLAN 2040 Implementation Strategy with local governments as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations and state government. If you are interested in participating or would like ARC to come to a meeting in your jurisdiction, please let me or Judy Dovers ( know and we will schedule a time to speak at your jurisdiction.

During the next several months, ARC staff will be completing draft documents to outline the PLAN 2040 Implementation Strategy. These Implementation Strategy documents will include the UGPM, Development Guide as well as Minimum/Excellent Standards and a 5-Year Work Program. ARC staff is seeking to provide draft documents to the TCC and LUCC committees in December to begin an official review of the PLAN 2040 Implementation Strategy that will continue into 2011.

As always, if you have any questions about PLAN 2040 or other activities at ARC, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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