GPA is one of 28 chapters that will receive funding through APA’s Planners4Health initiative. This six-month initiative will improve coordination between planners and public health professionals to help Georgia communities more easily support and implement healthy living choices.

Whitney Shephard, District 9 Director, serves as the Project Manager for GPA’s Planners4Health work and will head a GPA Task Force that will be responsible for:

  • Identifying potential planning and community health partners;
  • Leveraging existing healthy community initiatives and efforts;
  • Sharing planning and public health information; and
  • Bringing together key stakeholders.

Planners4Health concludes APA’s three-year, $9 million Plan4Health program that works to combat two determinants of chronic disease – lack of physical activity and lack of access to nutritious foods. Funding for the initiative is provided through a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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