Potential New APA Interest Group – APA Design Thinking

APA is soliciting interest from Planning professionals who would like to see the development of an APA Design Thinking In Planning Interest Group AND who would like to be part of a Steering Committee Member to support the development of the Interest Group.

The conversation about developing this interest group began back in early 2022 during an APA Learn Design Thinking Series taught by Thomas Fisher (University of Minnesota) where we explored how we, as Planners, can explore integrating Design Thinking perspectives, principles, and practices in our planning efforts as a way to be relevant to the constant changes in our communities; COVID-19 was the context we spoke through. Some of us from this course stated we wanted to continue this dialogue offline and here we are!

This information collected will be used to help justify to the American Planning Association that there is not only an interest but to justify the ability to develop and maintain this Interest Group.

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