President’s Message – August

Stormwater is overflowing our systems. Extreme heat is setting records. And, still we’re building. Yes, in some communities that means clearcutting trees, laying out cul-de-sac suburbs, and dropping schools in the middle of greenfields because that’s where the land is cheap even if (or maybe because) the infrastructure isn’t there to support a civic use. But building can also mean the kind of growth that we’re showcasing in Chamblee this month through APA’s It Takes a Planner campaign. Check out the city’s adopted plans, which have promoted mixed use, livable communities that attract economic development while boosting housing supply. The only direction is growth, and GPA members work each day to make sure that growth is sustainable so that our state is resilient. Join us in Savannah next month at the GPA Fall Conference to learn expert insights from planners who work with local leaders across the state to deliver for our communities. Together, we are Building a Resilient Future.