Raising the Bar in Development Design and the Visual Arts

By Karl Smith-Davids, Senior Project Manager, Midtown Alliance

The buildings that get built today will hopefully be around for 100 years or more, so it’s crucial that we help developers and architects get it right. We created a guide (an Owner’s Manual) to equip designers with the tools and the inspiration to raise their game for development projects in Midtown Atlanta. The new manual goes into detail about organizing the building form and massing, how a building can engage people at street level (no blank walls), what elements to include in a streetscape, and the best design and construction practices for any new project that goes up. Read the full Midtown Owner’s Manual.

Midtown’s Heart of the Arts Program was initially launched in late 2020 in response to the pandemic, and it has grown over the past two years from temporary storefront installations to an artist in residency program. It is a strategic plan to support and magnify the arts to create an exceptional urban experience. It builds on existing partnerships with local art institutions to layer more art into the public realm. Check out the Heart of the Arts 2021 Impact Report, which examines the many recent shared wins between artists, conveners and community members to bring the arts to life in compelling ways throughout Midtown Atlanta.