Water and Planning Network is Diving In

Over the last 5 years, APA’s Water Working Group identified the needs of planners who were focused on water issues in their communities. The Group transitioned to “Water and Planning Network” at the 2017 National Planning Conference.

Water is essential to life and the natural environment. It should be a central organizing element in a healthy and sustainable built environment, making planning for water an inherently interdisciplinary activity. Planners play a key role in shaping the location and form of development and conservation of the natural environment, as well as a natural role as conveners across disciplines.

The mission of the Water and Planning Network (WPN) is to provide a professional forum for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and planning methods and will operate as a communications and information sharing network to connect members to the best planning practices that reflect current research, science, policy and technology regarding the protection, management and use of water resources and utilities.

To learn more about the Water and Planning Network, please join our LinkedIn Group or email Marilyn Hall.

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