Water Centric Design: The Path to More Sustainable Places

The Georgia Tech Student Planning Association is pleased to present the 2008 World Town Planning Day lecture entitled “Water Centric Design: The Path to More Sustainable Places.”  Dr. Gerould Wilhelm, Principal Botanist and Ecologist, and David Yocca, Principal Landscape Architect and Planner, of the Conservation Design Forum of Elmhurst, Illinois will discuss the importance of water in site design – how it is handled captured and dispersed to preserve environmental quality.  The talk will focus on both philosophical and technical approaches to developing a site, as well as discussing the serious role that humans have as stewards of land and natural resources.

The Conservation Design Forum is a nationally-recognized design firm that explores integrated, water-based design strategies to promote economic, social, and ecological sustainability.  In 1999, the CDF led the design process to convert the Chicago City Hall rooftop into a green roof pilot project as a component of the City’s Urban Heat Island Initiative.

The lecture will be held Monday, November 10 at 7:00pm in the College of Architecture Auditorium at Georgia Tech.  The event is open and free to the public and will be followed by a reception with light refreshments.  The Student Planning Association is proud to have this talk co-sponsored by the Georgia Planning Association.  For more information, please contact Brian Smart at bsmart@gatech.edu.