Strengthening Teams in Transition with CPL Architecture, Engineering, Planning

Is your team experiencing turnover in this competitive market? The CPL Team has worked firsthand with many communities around the metro Atlanta area experiencing this challenge. Below are some strategies to help teams perform their best with their current capacity: 

Strategy 1 – Hire Temporary Help –  Do you need an interim director to manage daily operations until you find a perfect permanent fit for that or another leadership role? Does your staff need work load assistance to prevent burn-out or to manage an existing backlog? Consultants and retired employees can help fill these roles without long-term impact to Full-Time-Employee allocations. Consider hiring them on a temporary basis, so you can expand and contract your team, as your specific needs call for. 

Strategy 2 – Shift Internally – Whether identifying existing talent in your organization or identifying processes that need to be adjusted, keeping a critical eye on how things have been done in the past is essential to being successful in the current environment. What inefficiency in the review process are you holding onto that could lighten your load and serve you better? Develop a triage process for prioritizing the work you’ll be doing. Your team needs that direction, and it can help set and reset expectations from the community, elected officials, and applicants.

Strategy 3 – Update Regulations – For any of these strategies, data are important justifiers of adjustments. How is your code serving you? Are there frequently recurring variance approvals or processes that require elected official approval that can be handled administratively? Use that data to support adjustments to long-standing procedures.   

What sets our team apart isn’t what we create, it’s how we create. Exceptional design demands a partner who listens as much as they plan, and who becomes an extension of the neighborhoods we live and work in. With more than 48 years of experience working alongside passionate community leaders to provide architecture, engineering and planning services, CPL remains steadfast in connecting clients with purposeful, multi-disciplined teams who design quality infrastructure – both seen and unseen – to keep our communities thriving.

Founded in 1975, CPL is a 480 person, multi-disciplined architecture, engineering and planning firm with 19 offices across 5 states including Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.