Online CM Courses (CM | 4.0)

Dear AICP planners:

The Planning Institute of Colorado (a non-profit subsidiary of APA Colorado) is offering a special on Certification Maintenance credits until April 30, 2010. For only $10 per course, you can get four hours of CM credit! Visit today. We have recently added a new course, so you can choose from

  • Land Surveying and Platting (NEW!)
  • Demographic Forecasts and Economic Analysis
  • Transportation Planning
  • Growth Management Systems

Take any or all of these courses at your own pace (all in one sitting, or spread out the sections over several days or weeks) – all from your personal computer at any time of the day or night. Registration is easy and the courses are designed for a variety of interests. For any AICP planner who is in the grace period, this is a convenient way to get up to 16 hours of CM credit for $40 or less – just remember, you have to allow time to finish the course and report it before April 30, 2010! For those AICP planners who have completed their CM requirements, this is a great way to get an jump on the next reporting period.

Do not delay! The CM grace period ends on April 30, 2010 and so does the special pricing for these courses. You can even do a five day FREE trial through the VanEd website at