Transportation in the Megaregion

Piedmont Alliance for Quality Growth Fall 2010 Symposium: Transportation in the Megaregion

Monday, November 15, noon – Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 12:30pm.

Register at

Technology Square Research Building, 285 Fifth Street, Atlanta, GA 30308

Cost per attendee is $195 or free with membership to Piedmont Alliance for Quality Growth

Invited Speakers

  • John Robert Smith, Reconnecting America
  • Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta
  • Joe Ferguson, The Enterprise Center, Chattanooga
  • James Newsome, President and CEO, SC Ports Authority

Patron Level members receive one free registration. Sponsor Level members receive two free registrations. For more information, please call Coleen Chima at 404-385-5133.

The Piedmont Alliance for Quality (PAQG) is a fledgling organization of cities, businesses and universities looking for ways to promote and enhance quality growth in the southeast. It is an outgrowth of meetings over the past three years of persons representing the area known as the Piedmont Atlantic Megaregion (PAM). PAM is an area defined roughly as Birmingham to Raleigh and Chattanooga (or beyond) to Jacksonville, roughly following rail and highway corridors.