2009 GPA Fall Chapter Awards

2009 GPA Chapter Awards Ceremony
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The awards were judged on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Innovation of concept
  • Transferability to other areas or projects
  • Quality of thought, analysis and character
  • Effectiveness of, or promise for, Implementation
  • Comprehensiveness of principles observed
  • Strong effort to solicit Public Participation
  • Use of Technology in planning processes
  • Demonstration of Equity in planning processes and implemented projects
  • Integration of Sustainable practices to mitigate adverse impacts from development and  everyday living.

All awards will need to meet the criteria above. Each award category may have a particular  emphasis on one or more of the above criteria which will be noted below. A Large Community is any community within a county with a population of 50,000 or more.

Award Categories:

Outstanding Planning Process

1. Outstanding Planning Process
A. Large Community
B. Small Community
Focus (or Key) Criteria: Emphasis on public involvement and transferability,
equity, sustainability and technology

2. Outstanding Planning Document
A. Large Community
B. Small Community
Focus Criteria: Emphasis on connection to other plans; quality of narrative and
graphic communications, technology

3. Outstanding Plan Implementation
A. Large Community
B. Small Community
Focus Criteria: Emphasis on connection to plan, equity and sustainability

4. Educational Tool
A. Large Community
B. Small Community
Focus Criteria: Emphasis on transferability and technology

5. Outstanding Initiatives/Special Project
A. Large Community
B. Small Community
This category is intended to recognize specific initiatives that may not fall
into the category of a planning process.  
Focus Criteria: Collaboration among stakeholders, equity and sustainability

6. Outstanding Student Project
Focus Criteria: Demonstrates the contribution to contemporary planning and
best application of planning processes

Distinguished Achievement in Planning

  1. Distinguished Leadership Award for a Planning Professional – Nominee must demonstrate leadership in any discipline of planning. This person must promote innovation, advance equity in the planning process, enhance the role of public participation and communicate a clear vision for their field.
  2. Great Places in Georgia – Nominees must represent either a neighborhood, street or public place.  The nominee for each category must demonstrate a sense of place that highlights cultural interest, community involvement and a future vision. Additional criteria includes: Emphasis on  lifelong communities for live, work and play,  safe and desirable locations, conservation,  accessibility, and community involvement.
    • Small Community and Large Community
    • Neighborhood
    • Street
    • Public Space
  3. Grassroots Initiative Award – Nominee may represent a professional planner or non-professional individual or organization involved with planning based initiatives. Examples include but are not limited to non-profit or community organizations or individuals associated with education, crime prevention, outreach to special populations, environmental conservation, tourism, public art, cultural events or other functions with similar community interests. This award also applies to journalism pieces that advance city and regional planning. Additional criteria will emphasize education and collaboration.