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February 11, 2013
Newest 2013 AICP Members

Congratulations to the following members of the Georgia Chapter who passed the AICP Exam and have earned the credentials of...

January 28, 2011
Free AICP Webinars!

For those of you who are AICP and need to get your continuing maintenance credits to keep your AICP, here is a link to free webinars sponsored by a consortium of state Planning Chapters for the past...

April 9, 2010
Advanced Specialty Certification

The first two credentials, AICP Certified Transportation Planner (AICP CTP) and AICP Certified Environmental Planner (AICP CEP) will be available for AICP members with at least 8 years of experience...

March 5, 2010
AICP Code of Ethics Review Webcast

This session will review the AICP Code of Ethics and provide scenarios for participants to think through. Join us for this review of Ethics. This webcast is sponsored as part of the APA...